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    Welcome to the StarDial sky map!

    Get ready to gain a more accurate insight into your real sign. The StarDial can be used as a party game; fun, enlightening, and all inclusive!

    Does your horoscope seem a little bit off? Does it seem to be written for someone else? Chances are it is.

    One tidbit of "astronomical" information that most people seem to know is their "sun sign”. But few people know what it means. Fewer still know that it doesn't mean that at all, or at least that it hasn't for the past few thousand years. If we could see the stars in the daytime, we would see the Sun slowly wander from one constellation to the next making one complete circle around the sky in one year.

    This path the Sun apparently makes is called the Ecliptic.

    The Ecliptic runs exactly along the middle of the Zodiac constellations. The name Zodiac is derived from the Greek meaning "animal circle" and from the fact that most of these constellations are named for animals.

    The 13 constellations of the Ecliptic are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpius, Ophiuchus, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius, and Pisces.

    When the astrological sun sign system was set up more than two thousand years ago, the sun's path was divided into twelve equally spaced "signs," each 30 degrees wide, and these signs only approximately coincided with the constellations.

    In addition, the dates that the sun spends in each constellation have shifted by a few weeks.

    Of the 366 possible birth dates, the sign astrologers use corresponds to the astronomical constellation 14 percent of the time. The astrological sign is off by one constellation for 84 percent of people and by two constellations for the other 2 percent. Find out where the Sun was when you were born.

    Some news you already know…
    -The Earth is round not flat
    -The moon is not made of cheese
    -Martians are not green
    -The Earth is not the center of the Universe
    -Pro wrestling is not real
    -There are 13 constellations on the Ecliptic not 12!

    Can we continue to ignore Ophiuchus? Can we ignore the Sun? The Sun does not ignore Ophiuchus. It spends 20 days in front of that constellation. If you’re an Ophiuchus, please tell us about yourself on Facebook []. What are your likes and dislikes? How does it feel to be ignored by the horoscopes?

    StarDial contains information that will pin-point your true Sun sign, your constellation on your birthday, and also your opposite sign and constellation. If opposites attract, find your opposite!

    Rotate the arrow to point to your birth date. Information will be displayed about your constellation and your opposite constellation. The StarDial can be used as a party game; fun, enlightening, and all inclusive!