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    Story Of Prophet Ibrahim

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    Allah sent the Prophets and Messengers to guide people to the way of believing in Allah, and to warn them against following the way of Satan who instructs them to disbelieve in Allah. Allah supported them with miracles that proved the truthfulness of their message. The Prophets endured a lot of difficulties to convey Allah's Message. Their stories were filled with lessons and admonitions for whoever wants to meditate their events and follow the guidance of these prophets, peace be upon them.
    This program includes a full account of the events of the story of our Master Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham, peace be upon him) and what happened between him and his people. The story is presented in four parts in the form of cartoons in order for the children to hear, watch, and extract the valuable admonitions and the good morals out of its events.
    The story displays how our Master Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) meditated the creation of the universe and how he was guided to worship Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He), how his people disobeyed him and worshiped idols, how our Master Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) challenged this insistence on disbelief and destroyed the idols, and how he was rescued from the torment the disbelievers prepared for him.
    The heroes of the story are the child called Rashid and the bee called Zinah, where they display many of the situations with which the children enjoy and from which they learn a lot about the religion.

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