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    A 3D stick figure animator.

    Note: There is one remaining feature to make this significantly more useful and entertaining and that is sharing online. It will be a while before this is released due to other priorities at the moment.

    Selecting animation
    * Tap to select a wireframe model (man or women. more coming soon.)
    * Tap to select a starting animation (rotating, stationary or an animation you have already created.)
    * Select a viewport that suits you for your editing purposes (top, camera, front or left.)

    Editing animation
    * To change the time during the animation you would like to edit: move the time slider or tap an existing keyframe.
    * To move the stick figure around: tap in the viewport blank space, and then drag around the viewport.
    * To rotate the stick figure: tap the hips to select them, and then drag around on the viewport.
    * To rotate other parts of the stick figure: tap the part to select them, and then drag around on the viewport also.

    Understanding keyframes
    When you click play you will notice that the stick figure seems to restore its position to what it originally was. This is because the changes you make are averaged from one key frame to the next. If you would like your animation to hold a position for a few seconds you will need to position him that way at the start time and end time that you want.

    The benefit of keyframes above regular frames is that you only have to make the changes at the keyframe and the software does the rest.

    The tall narrow decorations are the actual keyframes. As the timeline position moves, a rectangle behind each keyframe highlights how it affects the animation at that point in time.

    To select: touch the keyframe
    To move: touch, drag side-to-side and release.
    To copy: touch, drag up and release.
    To delete: touch, drag down and release.

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