Submarine -Johnny's adventures

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    Johnny's adventures-Submarine is a story with animations for children - a sequel of the story "Dragon".
    This story (invented by me and my son) is a fairy "dragon story".
    The story is suitable for kids in ages 5-10, tells about fantastic adventures of three friends and a dragon who helps them in a critical moments. The first story tells about adventures in a mysterious island, second tells about underwater world, third tells about the dragons world. All stories in this trilogy are something between book, audio-book and movie, episodes are built from short realistic 3D animations. The text is also pronounced by professional high-quality computer voice.
    In this story:
    After traveling by boat, Benny, Mickey and Johnny wanted to return to the island. They decided that time to build a more suitable vehicle for a new adventure - an all-terrain and submarine vehicle. They will meet underwater with friendly ocean animals: sea turtle, octopus and a giant whale. They will fall into trouble in the ocean depths. The most exciting moments they will enjoy with the old friend - the magical dragon.
    What happens next may discover after you install this book.
    Enjoy the magical story!

    Application offer three ways of entertaining the book:
    - Continuous Watch - the story is played with video and text pronounced fully automatically.
    - Interactive Watch - pages need to be swapped by hand, tap on pictures to see video animations, text is pronounced when new page appears.
    - Self Reading - pages need to be swapped by hand, tap on pictures to see video animations, text is not pronounced.

    License Information and Credits:
    All rights reserved, redistribution of third parties, except for a prohibited market.
    Story - Jonathan K. , Programming, design, animation - T. Arie K., Editing, dubbing - Orit K.
    Animations are based on three dimensional models CC-BY license as follows:
    Child - Credit Draguu.
    Submarine - Credit Francois Grassard.
    Dragon - Credit Yoji.
    Octopus - Credit Timllens.
    Sea turtle - Credit Gen X.
    Whale - Credit Gabriel.
    Ocean - Credit David Zerba.

    Media Audio is licensed as follows:
    - All rights reserved, may be used only in this application, copy and compensatory prohibited.

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