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    Through Success Secret application by Dr. Imad Fawzi Shueibi, user can subscribe into the following categories:

    · "How does the woman think?" and get daily information about: female way of thinking; female requirements & tenders; for a better relation with the female

    · "She & He" and receive daily information about: how the two genders deal with each other; solve the problems & heal the rift between the two genders for a better life

    · "Parents & Sons" to get daily information about: different ways of thinking between parents & sons; the negative aspects of parents in dealing with teenagers; how to become friend with teenager to protect him from risks; tips offered for sons in non-forced ways

    · "Body Language" to get daily information about: the definition of body language and its various aspects; interpretation of hands movements and facial expressions and all what comes to mind in the body language; interpretation of wearing rings in different fingers

    · "How to become a billionaire?" and receive daily information about: the negative thoughts that distract us from earning money; the way of thinking that can let you make more money (Faith, confidence & attract ideas); how to deal with current & future money; protect it & increase it

    Success Secret application is developed in two languages. You can select one of the following languages: Arabic and English.

    Success Secret Application flow:

    1. Choose one of the below categories: How does the woman thinks, She & He, Parents and Sons, Body Language, How to become a billionaire

    2. Choose to subscribe in a category

    3. Choose to subscribe for a week or for a month

    4. Choose to buy

    Messages received from the categories will appear in a separate page in the application where user can review them.

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