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    Sunflower is an annual plant native to the Americas. It possesses a large inflorescence. The sunflower is named after its huge, fiery blooms, whose shape and image is often used to depict the sun. The sunflower has a rough, hairy stem, broad, coarsely toothed, rough leaves and circular heads of flowers. The heads consist of many individual flowers which mature into seeds, often in the hundreds, on a receptacle base. From the Americas, sunflower seeds were brought to Europe in the 16th century, where, along with sunflower oil, they became a widespread cooking ingredient. Leaves of the sunflower can be used as cattle feed, while the stems contain a fibre which may be used in paper production.

    The evidence thus far is that the sunflower was first domesticated in Mesoamerica, present day Mexico, by at least 2600 BC. It may have been domesticated a second time in the middle Mississippi Valley, or been introduced there from Mexico at an early date, as maize was. The earliest known examples of a fully domesticated sunflower north of Mexico have been found in Tennessee, and date to around 2300 BC. Many indigenous American peoples used the sunflower as the symbol of their solar deity, including the Aztecs and the Otomi of Mexico and the Incas in South America. The first European to encounter the sunflower was Francisco Pizarro in Tahuantinsuyo, Peru. Gold images of the flower, as well as seeds, were taken back to Spain early in the 16th century.

    If you’re not sure what live wallpapers are, they're a type of application that works on a mobile device using the Android operating system (like your device!). The application works as a wallpaper – providing the background image for the home screen—but also works as a conventional application since it can provide user-interaction with the touch screen (allowing the image to change dynamically, for example) and access other hardware and software features within the device (accelerometer, GPS, network access, etc.).

    **Multiple backgrounds!** Switch up the background as often or as little as you like with user-configurable options.

    **Power saving features!** This app uses much less power than typical live wallpapers. It will take a bit more power to operate than a normal wallpaper, but much, much less battery power than the average live wallpaper.

    **Super easy to use!** Upon install the app will bring up the options menu and then immediately let you set the wallpaper. No hassle and easy to use!

    **Translated to 35 languages!** Do you really, really want to learn Russian? We didn’t think so, but it’s available just in case, in any language your phone can display!

    Please note that live wallpapers can’t be set automatically. We’ll bring you to the setup screen where you’ll select the live wallpaper. We’d love to do it automatically but Android doesn’t allow it. Maybe some day.

    Many sunflowers were appreciated in the making of this app. Licensed under the creative commons ( Text at and

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    irfan cheema

    by irfan cheema

    Jan 27, 2015  |  "Great"

    Nvery nstural wallpaper

    rachel fiekowsky

    by rachel fiekowsky

    Jul 16, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    These are breathtaking

    Mhel De Leon

    by Mhel De Leon

    Jan 31, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    This is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! THNK YOU!Mmmmmm much!