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    Have you ever wanted to flip a coin while skydiving? Have you ever wanted to flip a coin and had no pocket change? Now with Super Coin Flip, that can all change! (Pun intended) Not only does Super Coin Flip come with a basic coin flip, but it also comes packaged with 2 additional single-player minigames! All of this for the price of nothing!

    Why use your hard earned cash on other coin flip apps, when Super Coin Flip is free and more fun! What other coin flip app can do the same thing Super Coin Flip does at such a great price?

    For the low, low price of nothing, you get:

    -Basic Coin Flip: Nothing Fancy. Just a coin and a 50-50 chance of winning.
    -Guess the Coin Flip!: See how good you are at predicting the coin flip by guessing on it! Test your luck while a win/loss counter tracks just how good you are.
    -Survivor Coin Flip: Get the coin flip correct as long as you can! Get a coin flip wrong, and your streak starts over!

    What are you waiting for! Download Super Coin Flip now!

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