Super Whips




    Super Whips will turn your phone into a powerful whip(fake).

    With it in hand, you can protect yourself well by whipping (fake ) others with your phone.


    Super Whips offers you a long list of whips.

    You can use all of them according to you need.

    There are bull whip, chain whip and snake whip , etc.

    You can use all of them according to you need.


    1. Select a whip form the list first;

    2. Click Start to activate it;

    3. Shake your phone forcefully.

    In this way, you can jilt the whip(fake).

    At the same time, you can hear loud whipping sound and your phone will vibrate greatly during the process.

    It is quite exciting.


    You only can use some virtual whips in this app.

    These whips are harmless and just for fun.

    But you can use them to release pressure.

    We live in a fast society. Every day, we live and work under great pressure. We all need some way to relax ourselves.

    If you have such need, Super Whips will be a great choice for you.


    ---As a free version android app, it includes notification ads or icon ads.

    ---This is a fake app for fun.


    Whips were primarily designed to inflict pain, with the objective of obtaining pain compliance to the wishes of the user. In modern times, the pain stimulus is still used in some animal training, and is permitted in many fields, including most equestrianism disciplines, some of which mandate carrying a whip.

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