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    Lock the screen with swing door and pull the door to unlock the screen. This is a unique screen lock for Android users to use in daily life.

    Maybe you are fed up with traditional slide screen locker. Or you may want to experience new style of locking the screen. This screen locker is just for you. With this tool, we can lock the screen with swing door and unlock the screen by pulling.


    Supply us with beautiful scenery on beach

    Show us current date, time and day of week

    Get quick access to call log to make a quick call

    Pull the door to unlock the screen

    Three methods to unlock the screen

    Shortcut key is available

    Supports to show full screen or status bar

    Enable vibrate and sound as you wish

    Simple design and UI

    Totally free for Android mobiles and tablets


    1. Set unlock reminder of sound or vibration here as you wish.

    2. Select whether show full screen or not

    3. Turn on this screen locker and it will replace original locker.

    4. Waits to activate the screen and we can get date, time and day of week.

    5. You can slide the left door to right to unlock the screen and get quick access to call log to make a quick call.

    6. Or you can slude the right door to left to unlock the screen directly.

    7. If you have enabled the shortcut key, you can long press SEARCH key to unlock the screen quickly and directly.

    8. Come here to enjoy this screen locker here.

    Come to try this screen locker for free. we can unlock the screen by pulling the door here as we wish.

    If you are satisfied with this app, please give us 5 stars and share with your friends, if you have any problem, email us here.

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