Talking Baby Twins Deluxe

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    Talk with the twin babies. They respond with their funny voices and respond to what you say or your touch. Spend a great time with these cute twins and their play activities. Now with 4 exciting games to play!
    Adopt these two cute babies they like to play and discover new things. These sweet babies are actually very gifted and one of their favorite games consists in trying to imitate famous dance stiles, like break dance, Egyptian, or even the moonwalk as Michael Jackson the king of pop did.
    Remember to buy them always two teddy bears because they do not like to share them and most likely will start fighting to prevail on the other in order to get the desired toy.


    High quality 3D graphics
    Cool voice interaction
    Exciting Games:
    • Butterfly game – target of the game is to catch the mystic butterfly
    • Dance Game – try to match the right music with the right dance (pulp fiction style, moonwalk style, breakdance, Egyptian style)
    • Train Game - try to increase the speed of the locomotive
    • Teddy Bear Game –start an exciting tug-of war with a colleague (friend)
    Many different animations: e.g. get angry, screaming, laughing, crying, dancing and much more
    Fun for all

    This app offers endless entertainment with fun and laughter for everyone! It offers children of all age’s great amusement. You will love to play for hours with it.

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