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    Draco, the talking bat is a stunning little guy! He's shy and cute, but he's got a dark side, he get's hungry real fast! He lives in a cave and he's lonely so come and play with him now! Draco, the talking bat used some dark magic to change Leonard, the talking tiger into his little toy! Poor Leonard! Draco, the talking bat is the perfect talking kids's app for children of all ages!

    With high-quality 3d graphics, shake, make a crazy dance, feed and most importantly, talk to and hear your talking pet talk back! Now you can see your favorite app on HD quality!

    Download talking bat game today and start the fun with this beautiful pet! Your friends are going to be jealous of this talking app! Whisper right now to your best friends about it and don't keep a secret!

    talk to Draco, the talking bat and hear him repeat your words back to you
    steal his tiger toy touching your finger on his head
    tap his stomach to punch him!
    tap his legs to see him yawn!
    slide your finger on his stomach to make him giggle
    press a button to see him laughing!
    press a button to give food!
    press a button to see an earthquake!
    press a button to drop his toy!
    press a button to hear a noise!
    press a button to hear a music!

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