Talking Max the Firefighter




    Talk to Max the Firefighter, he responds with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. Spend an exciting time with this brave fireman. Help him to fulfill his duties as good as possible.
    Max is a really nice guy that has dedicated his life to saving victims' lives, saving properties, and protecting the environment. He is always ready to intervene when the alarm rings and somebody is in danger. Become his assistant and have a look to his everyday tasks.

    If you like talking animal games like talking cat or talking dog, firefighter games, firefighter simulator games or talking games in general you will love Talking Max the Firefighter! Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with this talking and free virtual firefighter app! If you like Talking Max the Firefighter then please rate it with 5 stars. Thank you!

    Talking Firefighter Max
    Talking Max
    Talking game - firefigher game
    3D graphics with high quality
    Voice interaction
    Exciting games:
    • Protect the forest from the flames. Try to extinguish the fire with the helicopters help.
    • Try to avoid the burning down of the building. Strike the hot spots with the water.
    • Save the kittens. Climb up a ladder and rescue the cats. Find the right combination to get the kittens from the tree (memory game).
    Many different animations
    Animation: shouts, answers phone calls, laughs, dances, and much more.
    Fun for all

    Talking Max the Firefighter offers endless entertainment with fun and laughter for everyone! It offers children, teens and adults of all age’s great amusement.

    Talking Max the Firefighter is a free app - download it and have fun!

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