Talking Paul




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    Paul is your new friend. He has a round head and a fat belly and looks very charmingly naive, but also he is very impish. He would whistle leisurely, gaze around with nothing to do and repeat everything you say with a funny voice.

    Paul is versatile. Toss juggling doesn't cause any trouble to him. Playing KongFu is just a piece of cake. What's more, Paul can sing a very famous song. Try it, you're probably not as good as Paul.

    Paul's has a very good stomach. He's very enjoying when he has something to eat and drink.

    ★ ★ ★ How To Play ★ ★ ★
    ✔ Talk to Paul and he will repeat every word you say with a funny voice.
    ✔ Tickle Paul's belly. Slap Paul's face left and right.
    ✔ Poke Paul's head, belly or feet.
    ✔ Leave Paul alone and he will whistle leisurely.
    ✔ Press the Ball button to see Paul's toss juggling show. Interfere with the balls to make Paul fail.
    ✔ Press the Bamboo button to feed Paul.
    ✔ Press the Beer button to have Paul take a swig.
    ✔ Press the KongFu button to watch Paul's funny Kong Fu show. Hit Paul's body when he is standing on one foot to make him fall.
    ✔ Press the Mic button to listen to Paul's version of a famous song..

    Enjoy the happy hours of fun and laughter with Paul!

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