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    The ”FUNNY TEST PSYCHOLOGY” compatible with android smartphones.
    What about you? What are you waiting for? Let’s get to know.

    The app can to enjoy with your friends. Just only with press one button, you can get to know your personal more deeply. Try this app with easily.
    Knowing how your personality, what’s your hidden nature, and the shocking truth will be revealed here. Be realizing about something that had been invisible to you. You may be surprised by the answers that got by, but it’s not mind, because if you try this app, you’ll be better person than before. Because you already know how you are.

    While make a journey, can’t sleep in the midnight, gathering with your friends, or want to know your couple’s feeling. This is an application that can figure out how your psychology or people around you.
    *you’ll enjoy this app with free. Might be you’ll found surprising something that you never known. You may be asking to your friend for answering the question in the test. Cause this just a simple psychology test able to answering by intuition.

    #the point
    The point of this test is reflection your personality.
    How’s your vengeance.
    The impression you give to others.
    You can find out how you take a risk.
    How your humor senses.
    What the causes of problems that you came at.
    You can also find out how to work to be successful.
    At the moment how you would easily get angry.
    About vengeance.

    On what condition that you feeling the dare of others.
    Example question

    On one night, suddenly you got hungry and can’t asleep. What should you do?
    a. Witting rightly, while asleep

    b. Call a friend

    c. Sleep after eaten something

    d. Sleep with bringing drinks / after drank something.

    e. For the answer, let’s found out on this app.

    f. Little bit fear but must be known. This test psychology is just for you.

    (Be able to accessed offline)

    Even your smartphone not connected with a wifi access, you able to access the app with easily and good to fill your long journey or accompany your daily life.

    (About the app)

    Answering the question with true situation and described them on app, easily to diagnose invisible deepest thing.

    So be enjoying this app as an interesting entertainment for you.

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