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    Researchers at IBM have presented the most 'small film in the world, made with one of the most' tiny elements of the universe: the atom. The film titled "A Boy and His Atom" has used thousands of atoms placed with precision to create about 250 frames of recovery at step one (stop motion). "A Boy and His Atom" depicts a character named Atom who befriends a single atom and start a small path that sees him dancing, play ball and jump on a trampoline. The film is a very special way to communicate science outside of the community 'research. To make the film, the atoms were moved with the scanning tunneling microscope invented by IBM. Researchers at IBM have used the microscope, controlling it remotely from a traditional computer, to move a needle super-sharp along a copper surface and "feel" the atoms. Just one nanometer from the surface, which is equivalent to a distance of one billionth of a meter, the needle can 'physically attract the atoms and molecules to the surface and then place them in a specific point. The "drag" of an atom produces a characteristic sound that provides essential feedback to determine the entities' shift. During the making of the film, scientists have still images made ​​of atoms arranged individually, producing 242 individual frames.


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