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    Imagine taking out your phone and loading up the five card impossible card trick app and passing your phone to a spectator to keep hold of.

    You then pull out a deck of cards or borrow a deck of cards and pass them to the spectator, (borrowed is always better)

    Now ask the spectator to give the cards a really good shuffle.

    When the spectator is happy that the cards have been well and truly shuffled, You then ask the spectator to place 5 cards from anywhere inside the deck face down in front you onto the table and to place the rest of the deck to one side as they won't be needed for the rest of the trick.

    You then take those 5 cards from the table, look at them and place 1 card face down back onto the table and then ask the spectator to slide that card under the phone.

    You are then left holding 4 cards, Now place each of the 4 cards face up onto the table and ask the spectator to type them into the impossible card app.

    When the spectator has entered the 4 cards left into the impossible card app, the phone will then display the back of a playing card.

    Ask the spectator to touch the back of that card on the phone and on doing so the card will turn face up revealing a card.

    Now ask the spectator to look at the card that is under the phone... When he does so it will be the same card as what was just revealed on the screen.

    This truly is the most impossible card effect done with a pack of cards and a mobile phone.


    *** Totally Impromptu effect
    *** No forces
    *** No sleight of hand
    *** Works with any deck of cards
    *** Instantly repeatable and works every time
    *** No secret moves
    *** The magician hands the phone out before the deck is touched and never touches the phone again.
    *** Doesn't have to be a full deck of cards

    A great puzzle that will have your spectator scratching their head.

    Blue and Red backed bicycle cards.designs.
    Password protection screen to hide the secret Instructions from anyone who has access to your phone.

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