The Insult Machine

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    It's an amusing way to pass the time and it has the potential to offend everybody (but they'll get over it).

    It's The Insult Machine, a configurable insult maker that everybody can contribute to. The more people that use it and add words and phrases, the more insulting it will become.

    Remember though that if you add a word, EVERYBODY will get that word. Please do not add personally identifiable information to the individuals/groups list of words (or anywhere else for that matter).

    You can add adjectives (words that describe a person, like 'fugly'), nouns (a type of person such as a 'lame-brain'), verbs (an action word such as 'drivelling''), vaguely specific individuals or groups ('your daddy', 'my sister', 'your boss'), and phrases that contain tags that are replaced when an insult is generated with random words ('You are #an #a #v #n but #i is alright.') The #an tag is replaced with either 'a' or 'an' depending upon what word follows it. The '#a' is replaced with a random adjective. The '#v' is replaced with a random verb. The '#n' is replaced with a random noun. The '#i' is replaced with a random indidivual. You can also enclose a list of words in the [ and ] characters and one of the words will be picked at random. The more adjectives, words, nouns, individuals and phrases that everybody adds, the more possible combinations there will be and the better the insults will become.

    Remember, put crap in, get crap out. The app's foundations are pretty sound, it's really only as good as what everybody contributes! So please add nouns to the nouns category, adjectives to the adjectives category etc you wouldn't call somebody "a moron smelly" would you? "moron" needs to go in the noun category, "smelly" would need to go in the adjective category. It's as simple as that really :)

    This app is not meant to be taken seriously. Simply have some fun with it and insult your friends, family, even your boss if you dare!

    If you generate an insult you are offended by, you can share it with an app of your choice, whether that be email or SMS.

    WARNING: while this app does not contain any obscenties, the database that it connects to does (hence the internet access permission). If you are easily offended, please do not purchase. The internet access permission is not used for anything other than downloading and uploading words to the database.

    IMPORTANT: Please read the license agreement first.