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    The Lorelles were born in 2009. Since then they’ve been on the roller coaster ride of their lives – huge highs (think woooooeeeeeeeeeeeEEEE!) and a few lows (think ‘am I safely strapped into this thing?!’), but through it all, their love for each other and their music has been their motivation, and they continue to shine on stage (and in their living rooms, where the writing magic happens!).
    They welcomed Therese to the band in October 2010 who completes the band perfectly, with her stunning voice and looks, as well as her moves which make Rosie and Lizzie feel like klutzes with their feet tied together, whilst they look on with a mixture of jealousy and adoration.

    The Lorelles have done some awesome gigs in the past year – from Prince Charles’s ‘Garden Party to Make a Difference’, to serenading the Mayor at City Hall, they’re taking the world (well, London) by storm.

    The Lorelles are a band on the up – their unique blend of sassy pop, funky hooks, soulful grooves and luscious harmonies will blow you away. With an EP of hot original material in production and an image to match, they’re ready to take it to the next level… bring it on!!!

    People have said some pretty nice stuff about us… here are some of our faves!!

    “You are much nicer to work with than Florence + the machine. Fact.“
    Dan Wilson

    “I just saw your do it like a dude cover! I produced that song and I just wanted to personally let you know that I love your cover! The harmonies are amazing! Love it! Keep it Up!“
    Parker Ighile

    “My wife and I were having a real hard time when we came to see you guys a few months ago (job stresses, failed IVF, etc) but we forgot all our troubles dancing to your delicious beats and lozenge-like harmonies and went home that night feel…ing a renewed sense of optimism. Needless to say, we made love, sweet love until the sun came up and are now the proud parents of three beautiful girls. Yes! Triplets! Can you guess what we named them? Thank you thank you thank you! The Lorelles are quite literally God’s representatives on Earth.“
    Rory Miller

    “Your gig was fantastic last night, please play at my fictional wedding!!!“
    Katriona Damigos

    “I am LORELLES Obsessed!!“

    Christie Vincent

    “Bloody brilliant!!“
    Daniel Donaldson

    “You girls were amazing!! All three of you are soo talented xx“
    Amana Chahal

    “You are the best singers ever. literally.“
    Tom Marlow

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