The Zombie Survival Handbook

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    The Zombie Survival Handbook

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    Are you prepared for people or dead trying to eat you? Are you prepared for mass chaos? Are you prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse?

    Now you are! The Zombie Survival Handbook is the perfect guide for when this Apocalypse breaks out. So get it and be prepared. With plenty of information and helpful tips you will be ready for any situation. It includes:

    *Outbreak - find out the different possible causes for the zombies.
    *Armory - All the weapon info you need
    *Forts - Don't know where to go when it all starts? Find some good places nearby.
    *Hand to Hand - Defend yourself against zombies bare handed.
    *Transport - Not sure what vehicle will be best for you? Take a look here.
    *First Aid - Mend wounds and save lives
    *Survival Kit - The gear you need to survive Z-Day
    *Tip - Read over the tips and keep them in mind. Your best chance is being prepared.
    *Survive - Got some downtime? Play a game to keep your mind off things. Well... maybe to just kill more zombies.
    *Tools - Zombie Assist to inform you about the types of zombies you are up against.
    -Kill Counter... you know what that is.
    -Zombie Types
    Plenty more content coming in future updates!

    Do you see yourself as an expert on the subject? Do you want your name well known during the Zombie Apocalypse? Well feel free to send info regarding the subject. It can be tips, weapon stats, vehicle info, the best forts. I'll get the info you send up with your name or alias. Just shoot me an email.

    Suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns? Feel free to send me an email anytime. If you dislike something in the app or have an idea to make it better feel free to tell me. I will take care of it.

    If you enjoy the app please toss it a good rating? Help it be spread to everyone so more people are prepared.

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