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    Why do people find quotes and wise thoughts by great thinkers so interesting? Words of wisdom can touch the soul, make one think, and create a shift in one's life view.

    There are many quote sites online and books full of great words from both humble folks and those considered great thinkers. Some are uplifting, some are funny, some make us think, some make our day.

    Following are especially interesting quotes from a variety of people. Perhaps one will end up posted on the refrigerator, made into a plaque, used in scrapbooking or a greeting card, written in a letter to a friend, or memorized for enjoyment or inspiration.

    Thoughts and Quotes on Life and Living Well
    "Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can."
    Inspirational and Motivational Thoughts from famous inspiring personalities, Inspiring Quotes

    There are tons of inspiration in words & famous sayings, so this app will be an ultimate source giving inspirational source on the go. Be inspired, or inspire others by reading/sharing most famous and popular inspirational, motivational quotes of world's famous people. You can share these sayings with your friend & family who need encouragement, motivation and inspiration to succeed in their life.

    Good Moral thoughts are often powerful words of wisdom that inspire, educate and even motivate a person to take action. They usually share common themes such as:

    Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes.
    Failure is a stepping stone to success.
    Help yourself by helping others.
    Determination, initiative and persistence are the foundation of success.

    Your source for free motivational quotes, success quotes and inspiring quotes. Motivating Quotes is here to help everyone go for their dreams and succeed.
    Inspiring Quotes are powerful nuggets of wisdom condensed into 1-2 lines. Sometimes life gets tough and we need that little something to keep us going. That little something, is inspirational quotations. We love to read and get inspired from them.

    Stop the habit of wishful thinking and start the habit of thoughtful wishes” byMary Martin.

    Don’t confuse those two things. A personality entertaining wishful thinking can never achieve better results than a thoughtful one for wishful thinking does not have a solid foundation for it. A thoughtful person always makes sure that he is building his spiritual house on a firm foundation.

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    “Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind” by Theodore Roosevelt.

    People enjoy action and do not like thinking. That’s why they get into trouble. They do first and think afterwards. Had we changed the order, we would have fewer problems and would be more successful in our choices.

    A lot of people live as if they never die. They waste their precious time, talents, powers and etc. One day, most often at the end of their lives they suddenly wake up. Unfortunately, they cannot change much. Then they spend a lot of time regretting their past actions and lost opportunities to do something significant in life.

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