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    The Ticketmaster app is the best way to discover and buy tickets to thousands of live music, festivals, sport, theatre, comedy, arts and family events. Purchasing tickets to your favourite events has never been easier. Buy your West End tickets for The Lion King, Wicked, Aladdin, The Book of Mormon and more before the shows sell out, while discovering new music and shows for your favourite artists.

    The Safest and Quickest Way to Buy and Manage Your Event Tickets
    • Looking for a local event while travelling? Find your favourite tickets on the go.
    • View event details, seat maps and directions.

    Never Miss Out on an Event
    • Get Ticketmaster alerts on your favourite events.
    • Discover the latest Premier league, Rugby Union, cricket and athletics events near you.
    • Search for the latest West End show tickets for your family.
    • Share events you love with friends.
    • Add any event to your calendar.
    Get Your Tickets for top Venues: SSE Hydro Glasgow, Wembley Stadium, The 02 Arena, Brighton Centre, Principality Stadium Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, Manchester Arena, First Direct Arena Leeds, Metro Radio Arena Newcastle, Sheffield Arena.

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    Ticketmaster is an international brand. This app serves UK.

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