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    TimeStamp application gives you the opportunity to Stamp a unique moment on the flying Time with your very own Quote. This application lets you write your own Quote along with your Nickname and some extra information you may want to share and upload all the above to a web-site.

    You can write whatever you want. The server automatically generates the exact time and date you uploaded your quote and posts them along with it. This way a unique Stamp on Time is created and makes you the owner of that very specific moment.

    The quotes are listed to the web-site from the oldest to the newest along with their post number. You can read the quotes by pressing the "Check Quotes Online" button in the application or just visit the web-site.

    Remember you can stamp time as many times as you want you cannot go back in cannot edit your be very careful.

    *Posting personal information like phone numbers wont be tolerated and will be removed, This application does not require or ask for any short of personal information or identity by its users its a free space"

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