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    Titanic Legend is an application which provides you many videos about titanic disaster in 1912. The videos include the following interesting titles in categories you must watch;

    - A Night to Remember:
    Titanic: A Night to Remember (1958), The Original Titanic Movie, Classic Movie Discussion, Titanic film a night to remember review, etc.

    - Titanic Sinking in Reverse:
    Titanic sinking simulation, Reversed Titanic sinking, Behind the Scenes, Titanic Wreck Underwater, how to draw titanic sinking, Model Titanic Sinks, Why Did The Titanic Sink?, etc.

    - Titanic Song:
    Titanic Song Original, Rose's theme, Titanic Theme Song (Hindi Version), My Heart Will Go On - Harp / Violin, Celine Dion - My Heart will Go On, The last song on titanic, Titanic song on Russian Language, The Arabic Version of Titanic Theme Song, Jack's Death Song, etc.

    - Legend of the Titanic:
    Legend of the Titanic (English) Full Movie, Infamous Animation, etc.

    - Movie Mistakes:
    Movie Mistakes: Titanic (1997), Titanic Movie mistakes that haven't been mentioned, Movie mistakes Transformers, Movie Mistakes: Spider-Man 2, Great Movie Mistakes: THE TERMINATOR, Movie Mistakes: Jurassic Park III, Movie Mistakes: The Day After Tomorrow, Movie Mistakes: Toy Story 2, Movie Mistakes: Casino Royale, Great Movie Mistakes: THE DARK KNIGHT, Movie mistakes Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest, Movie mistakes: Alice in Wonderland, Twilight movie mistakes, Movie Mistakes: Johnny English, Movie Mistakes: X-Men The Last Stand, Movie mistakes Gladiator, Movie Mistakes "Superman Returns", 15 Movie mistakes - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, etc.

    - My Heart Will Go On:
    My Heart Will Go On Violin Cover, "My heart will go on" on Classical Guitar, One Direction - WMYB/My Heart Will Go On, Worst Singer Ever, etc.

    Enjoy the videos!

    DISCLAIMER : None of the content in this app was created or modified by us. We are a curator providing direct access to content publicly available on Youtube. The content of this app is powered by YouTube. We are not responsible for any copyright issues as the app gives access to YouTube videos as is. We did not upload any of the videos to YouTube.

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