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    This is An App about Top Girl Games. Do You Know What is The Best Games for girl in 2013 (so far)? Check It Out

    Some differences between gamers may also have to do with fundamental taste differences between the sexes, and a few game genres have traditionally seen higher female gamer percentages than the others. There has been persistent female interest, for example, in action-adventure games. This has more recently translated into an interest in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Second Life.Women have also been shown to prefer role-playing game to first-person shooters.While male audiences prefer fast-paced explosive action and combat, women tend to prefer in-game communication and interpersonal relationships (character development and plot dynamics) In-game activities may also differ between the sexes in games with less linear plots such as the Grand Theft Auto series. It has been suggested that developers can learn what girls want in a game by observing similarities in how different girl teams will react to and modify a game if given the opportunity.

    Some males in MMO's are more oriented to achievement based play while females choose to become more social. Also most females play video games when a male is present but if that male is a romantic partner then aggression can be either increased or decreased for either gender. Typically playing with the other gender can be viewed as a partnership for both players and can improve their online communication with one another.

    On the other hand, some critics have suggested that genre preferences aren't as important a difference between the genders as the quality of the games played. Women are often characterized as preferring story-driven games or constructive games like The Sims or Civilization, but some seem to like first person shooters as well.

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