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    Tortoise and Hare Race with voice and Text capabilities with great animation and story telling for kids.

    Tortoise and Hare Race is played with voice over for kids and Tortoise and Rabbit Race also has text overlay of story for kids to read. Great story with Morals for teaching kids good morals.

    Story with Voice and Display of text at each level:
    Screen 1:
    Once upon a time, there was a big forest full of animals. A rabbit in the forest boasted that he could run faster than anyone, and he made fun of all the other animals.

    Screen 2:
    One day a tortoise answered back to the rabbit and said, "Any animal in this forest can be faster than you on their day". "My, my, what a joke!", laughed the rabbit and said, "Do you want to race?". So the rabbit and the tortoise decided to race.

    Screen 3:
    The forest king, Lion, as referee, decided on the racecourse and blew the whistle to start the race.

    Screen 4:
    The rabbit shot off and ran briskly and the tortoise started walking slowly.

    Screen 5:
    When the rabbit saw how painfully slow his rival was, he decided to have a quick nap. “I can take my time!” he thought. “I will reach the end after a nice nap.”

    Screen 6:
    The tortoise continued his slow march towards the finish. He saw the rabbit deep asleep as he crossed the halfway point.

    Screen 7:
    When the rabbit woke up, he saw the tortoise near the finish line. The rabbit tried to run as fast as he could to beat the tortoise.

    Screen 8:
    But, the tortoise, with his slow march, finished the race before the rabbit, becoming the undisputed champion as all the other animals witnessed.

    Screen 9:
    The tortoise celebrated his victory with all the forest animals while the rabbit learned to be more modest.

    Screen 10:
    So, the moral of the story is: "Slow and steady wins the race".

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