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    Tired of leaving incomplete one more crossword? Hangman has never been your strong point? You just can not form anagram for "teatro"? The anagram you have found is a word that makes sense or are you cheating?

    The solution is Tostis Paroliere (Lyricist)! With this application you can solve the hangman game by specifying known letters and leaving to the app the task to find the Italian words and commonly used foreign ones matching the pattern through a dictionary with more than 700000 words.

    You can never complete a crossword puzzle? This function also allows you to solve crosswords finding words that fit the intersections eg. B_S_U__ may be bascula, bassura, bismuto o bisturi.

    Are you searching for the perfect rhyme for "sorriso"? Type the word, select how many letters you want to rhyme and press search button: conciso, Treviso, narciso, preciso... are just some of the words found that rhyme with the last three letters of a sorriso.

    Finalize your crossword magazine solving the anagram! The program will show you the list of possible anagrams specifying whether it is a word that appears in the dictionary. Anagrams have a direct link to Google and, if they are meaningful, even to the definition of Wiktionary and Wikipedia.

    The results can be sent to any printer or saved in Google Docs with Google Cloud Print (Available on Android 2.2 +).

    To indicate a missing letter you can use the dot or space.

    The research, especially with regard to that of anagrams of words with many letters, can take several hours! For example, the anagrams of "focaccia" are 3360 involving 40320 iterations!

    At any time you can stop the search by pressing "back" button.

    The default database contains 65,000+ words. To use all the 700,000+ words buy the full version.

    PS. TostisParoliere suggests the following meaningful anagrams of "teatro": ettaro, attero, attore, oretta.