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    Train your eye is an application to exercise sight.
    When you spend too much time staring at the screen of a computer or a mobile phone you look at a certain distance and the eye does not adjust to look at this distance and is less effective when working. Clearly, nowadays the use of these devices is widely spread in a continuous basis, sometimes for work, sometimes for entertainment, causing a phenomenon known as tired eyesight.
    Considering that we will not give up their use, we can perform a number of actions to protect our eyes, such as at least resting once every hour, watching outside the area of ​​the screen to various places from time to time, working with appropriate light and visiting a medical specialist if you have a problem or as a way to prevent problems.
    With this application you can exercise your sight in order to release it from excessive work and prevent problems. Use it properly, at least once every hour for three minutes, as instructed.
    If you have any problem in vision or it causes discomfort, please stop using it immediately.

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