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    "TreasureHunt" is an interactive Android application with a main social component that aims to bring a new way for people to spend their time together.

    It is based on the idea of having a master of the game that initializes a session by placing items on a map, creating "the playground". These items can not be seen by the rest of the players. Instead, the teams are guided by speech indications given based on the current orientation and the distance to the clue. The current orientation is being constantly computed by functions that collect data from sensors and compare it to the absolute position set by the creator of the game.

    Once a player is around the requested spot, he unlocks the hint placed in that area: what this step involves is automatically starting the phone's camera and using an AR module that shows the clue on the phone's screen when it is in the camera's view range. The picture that overlays can contain a new object to find, a person to recognize or anything that can be hidden by a picture. In order to get the treasure, you will have to answer a question associated to the treasure by the creator of the game.

    "TreasureHunt" is very easy to use since it does not require going to the spot where you want to hide your treasure. Therefore, you can create games for locations far from where you are and you can challenge people around the world.

    Placing a treasure on a map is also very easy: just tap wherever you want to hide the treasure! In order to find the treasure, "the playground" will be marked on the map and the player will receive real time feedback with directions in order to be guided.

    The application offers you a set of images that you can use as a treasure, but it also allows you to upload your own image, as you can navigate through your gallery.

    The images that come along with the application are in the folder named "TreasureHunt". Enjoy!

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