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    It’s not really a game, but it is a trippy twist on an old hypnotizer toy. This spinning top has a few different trippy visuals too pick from.

    Throughout time hypnotherapy has been said to aid the mind and body.

    relaxation – meditation – quit smoking – conquer fears – boost confidence – build self esteem – gain assertiveness – gain motivation – lose weight – sleep better – feel rested – boost self confidence – relieve stress – curb your anger – boost memory – attack anxiety – fight depression - relieve pain - regrow hair - bring peace - therapy -

    Hypnosis is a psychological state which resembles sleep but only superficially. It is believed that a hypnotic state of mind could have the potential to do all or none of these amazing things. This App is the classic spinning wheel we all associate with being hypnotized. We also threw in a few bonus optical illusions and trippy visuals for your enjoyment!

    Experience psychedelic visuals and hallucinations without drugs!

    Create stunning visualizations and complex optical illusions on the fly!

    Impress your friends and awe them with the swipe of a finger!

    Practice meditation to reach nirvana, or just relax and trip out!


    ~ Mandala: A classic fractal. “Greek Art” with a twist.
    ~ Meditation Lotus: Reach inner peace, be spiritual, and find your ‘ohm’ (OM, 唵, ॐ, 嗡)

    Warning: This app may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy (It's trippy)

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