True Blackjack Odds

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    True Blackjack Odds is a tool to use alongside your blackjack game. Simply select the current face-up cards on the table, and thousands of possible hands are calculated to provide you with probability percentages of the most likely results, accurate to at least 99.9%.

    True Blackjack Odds doesn't teach you the flawed system of card counting and is more advanced than Basic Strategy.

    Take your blackjack game to the next level with the play advisor, which shows the current success rate of both hitting and standing, providing you with the information to make the best possible play.

    Options include selecting 1 to 8 decks, Face-up 21, and automatic shuffling between plays or continuous play with deck shuffle control.

    (Note: The "True Blackjack Odds" application is for educational purposes only and does not endorse or promote gambling.)

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