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    Ultimate Prediction Card Trick

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    The Effect:

    The magician cuts the deck into 2 piles and asks a spectator to select a pile to use, once the spectator has chosen their pile, the magician will ask the spectator to give those cards a good shuffle and the magician will do the same with the remaining pile and then both the spectator and magician will cut anywhere inside their pile and switch those piles of cards with each other and shuffle the face up cards into their face down piles so both the spectator and the magician will now have a pile of cards with a random mix of face up and face down cards.

    Then both of these piles will get shuffled together so there is just 1 pile of cards randomly shuffled with face up and face down cards.

    Now here is where the magic begins.

    The magician asks the spectator to touch the screen of his phone which has laying in full view the whole time and 4 impossible card predictions are revealed with the last one being a added kicker!

    The first prediction will be how many cards are face up or face down in the deck.
    The second prediction is how many red or black cards are found in the face down or face up cards.
    The third prediction is that all the remaining cards will be lower than J, Q or K.
    The forth prediction will reveal the exception that there is 1 J,Q, K card in that pile.

    It's a great card trick that will have your friends and family stumped.

    All that is needed is a deck of cards and the Ultimate Prediction app.

    You can even use 2 spectators for this trick and let them both do the work.

    Multiple predictions can be predicted and not just the King of Hearts.

    A great trick to have ready on your phone for a impromptu performance.

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