Unlock Screen With Parachute




    Have you ever seen a screen lock with the parachute ?
    No matter your answer is yes or no,you could try this app to unlock your screen.

    The way to unlock is very simple.
    There are 5 application icons and a locker icon on the unlocking interface.Every one has a parachute.
    All of them has been stayed in the air.
    Jump one of the parachute to the locker to unlock the phone screen.
    So you could get into camera,message,phone and music quickly with the help of parachute.

    As we all know,when are using a new screen lock,we all need to activate the app and then we could use it.
    So it is the same with this screen unlock app.
    The sound and vibration effect also depends on you.If you like the quiet environment,you could turn them off.But this function is actually a reminder when your screen is unlocked.

    Main Feature List:
    -For Android devices,such as phone,SMS
    -Bright and beautiful unlocking background
    -Innovative way to unlock
    -Better UI effect
    -Simple to use
    -Several shortcuts
    -With time and date indicator

    Experience this new screen lock !
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