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    Never miss new episodes of your favorite shows ever again!

    VoodooTVDB is your show watching companion. It'll keep track of Upcoming and Past episodes, remind you when they are going to air, keep track of the last episode you watched, make a list of the next episode for you to watch and give you suggestions on Hot New/Returning Shows!

    *This is not a Video Streaming App*

    Having a very Netflix like tile design, with Voodoo TVDB you can create a personalized lists of all of your Favorite shows! You can mark all the episodes your have watch and Voodoo TVDB will create a Queue list of which episode you need to watch next (don't worry you don't need to check ALL of the episodes you've watch, just checking the last one will do...we understand, we are lazy too). You can checkout upcoming episodes of your favorite shows and catch up on recently aired episodes in our handy easy-to-access Timeline! All of this and more from our selection of nearly 30,000 Shows!

    Voodoo TVDB is now being powered by, IMDB, and to provide you with the best tailored experienced! Register for free to our service and have all of your Show Watching Experience backed up in the cloud!

    * Notification Reminders of Upcoming Episodes
    * Offline access to all your Favorite Shows
    * Personalized Queue list of next episode to watch
    * Hot Shows recommendations
    * Personal List Management System
    * Online Backups of all your Show Watching Experience

    Soon To Come Features
    * Custom Tailored Suggestions from your watching habits
    * User Comment and Rating System
    * Home Screen Widgets