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    Weapon Museum can show you various assault guns which are very famous in the world. You can experience all the guns in this museum and you will get much knowledge about these guns.

    In daily life you almost have no chance to see so many assault guns, let alone grasp one gun in your hand to experience it. This weapon museum is gun museum which is free for you to visit. The key point is that you can visit this museum and grasp these guns on your mobile phone.

    You must desire to visit this museum now. Let me tell you more details about this gun museum.

    1. You must do some settings on your mobile phone after you enter this gun museum; the system will show you how to do this, and in this way you can feel these assault guns. The TUTORIALS can help you if you want to change part of them,

    2. After you enter the museum, you will see various assault guns of different kinds and different types such M16 Rifle and Stoner 63. You know that these guns in different countries have their own features so that all the guns in this game are classified according to their countries such as America, China, and Soviet Union and so on. You can view these guns according the countries.

    3. I have said that this weapon museum can let you experience guns. Three different types of training are provided for you to use these assault guns. The first one is that you choose your gun and then shoot the target. The target is still and your feet are also still.

    4. The second type is that you will use one gun to hit moving targets such as moving car, plane, ship and other targets. This type is harder than the first one.

    5. The third one will not include any gun. In the real war, sometimes you need to use cold weapons or your hand to fight with enemies. You can get some training of different cold weapons such as sward, knife, and whip even your hands in this museum.

    6. This museum also provides some other services for VIP such as events and campaign. The events are some important items such the shooting item of Olympic Games. The campaign brings you into a real fight.

    7. Don’t forget to open the media sound in your mobile phone when you shoot a target. You will hear the shooting sound just like the real guns’.

    Weapon Museum is a free gun museum which is on your mobile phone. You can visit this museum whenever and wherever. You not only can get knowledge in this museum but also can experience these guns. It means that this museum provides free gun games.

    If you are free, you can visit this museum and play shooting games in it. You can get a real gun. The feeling of a real gun in hand is very cool.

    If you have played CS, you must want to grasp a real gun and want to know the feeling of fire. Weapon Museum is the best choice for you and you can experience different guns.

    Weapon Museum will be free for you forever and you will get happiness and knowledge here.

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