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    Where R U automatically responds with your phones location.
    Where R U can be used for multiple purposes:
    Track down friends or family when out and about.
    Locate your phone if it gets lost or stolen.
    Be located should you get into trouble.
    In an unfamiliar area and dont know the address? - text yourself and your address will be sent straight back to you.

    Simple one touch Activation / Deactivation

    Once Activated, anyone can request your location details by simply texting your phone 'Where R U'. This App automatically replies with a user definable text (optional) along with your current address / Lat-Long position plus a link to map to that address.

    The App does not need to be installed on the phone requesting Where R U, only the one being located. Any SMS capable phone can make the request.

    Use this App with friends at a music festival to keep tabs on everyones locations, or whilst hiking, enable this App so that you can be located in an emergency.

    Make 'Where R U' requests to friends from within the Where R U App and see the instant response and Map-It facility. No need to exit to read their text/location.

    *** Coming Soon ***
    White Lists - select only the numbers you want to be able to request 'Where R U'

    User defineable 'Where R U' key word/phrase

    Any comments / suggestions welcome - please email

    Where R U
    Where are you
    Where's my phone
    where's my location

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