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    Over 1000 verbal wit based jokes on the meanings and ambiguities of words; puns, clever repartee, etc.

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    Examples of what's inside:

    "I was waiting in line for a club last night and the guy at the door was checking IDs.
    He was taking ages."

    "I was coming home from work today and I saw a Nun riding on a Clowns back.
    Now that's just virgin' on the ridiculous."

    "The missus just found out I replaced our bed with a trampoline.
    She hit the roof."

    "Major car collision on Spaghetti Junction: 12 injured, 4 pasta way."

    Appsolutely Fabulous, takes no responsibility, for the content of this app. None of the jokes were written by anyone at Appsolutely Fabulous, they were all either sourced form the internet or sent in by the users of this app. We accept no blame for any offence caused, care has been taken to remove offensive jokes, however it you are offended by any of the jokes please report them to us via the app and we will consider the joke for removal.

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