A constant stream of over 41100 English words on your home screen! Turn your Android device into an interactive word discovery tool and enhance your command of the English language. Whether you are a native speaker or are just beginning you WILL learn new words every time you look at the screen.
    Works great on tablets too!

    Upgrade to the full version from within the live wallpaper's settings to unlock all features.

    You can customize this live wallpaper as follows:
    - Choose the precise word color you desire with the color chooser
    - Choose the precise background color you desire with the color chooser
    - Definitions on touch (full version)
    - Audible pronunciation (full version)
    - Word origin (full version)
    - Related words (full version)
    - Pause the words when one is touched for definition (full version)
    - Choose to have the words bleed across multiple home screens (full version)
    - Choose to have the falling words randomly sized or pick a fixed size for them all (full version)
    - Adjust the speed of the falling words (full version)
    - Choose highlight color for defined words (full version)

    Note: some phone hardware may notice lag if the 'Fixed word size' and 'Speed' parameters are both set too high. Simply adjust these to a lower level if this occurs.

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