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    The Unofficial Official forum for the World of Tanks Xbox 360e Clan Hellcats

    M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

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    "General CL0UDY BiGTiNY

    Hey tankers we are a new clan trying to build our ranks up to become one of the top clans once clans come online in WoT.
    A love for the US Tank Destroyers (we are excepting all types of tank drivers from light to heavy)
    Any age will be accepted as long as you are mature
    A mic
    Willingness to work as a team and put time in to playing with the other team members and learning the strategies to play with one another and win games and also just have fun
    A dedication to the clan its self and promoting it in a good way and getting more members to help our clan grow
    Other notes:
    We are looking for all types of tank users not just tank destroyers we want a well rounded clan
    We are going to try and get some hellcat only matches going once the platoons and clan matches are up and running. And when the tank is put in the game and if it is allowed.
    If you are interested in joining the clan or have any questions you can message me on this post, in a pm, or add my gamer tag and send me a message on xbox live my user name is CL0UDY BiGTiNY the 0 in my name is a zero.
    The recruiting process as of now will pretty much go off of your communication in chats since we really can't play together. We will start try outs when platooning is up and running.
    I'll be updating this as the game changes and allows us to have more options. Even if the clan isn't something you want to join right now we are also looking to build are forum. So fell free to come and check that out as well and join it if you want."

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