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    Sun Tzu said in The Art of War. "To know your enemy you must become your enemy." Drop the bully bomb and create a safe environment for you to live by ruthlessly destroying your opposition. Destroy the self-esteem, self-confidence and wellbeing of your tormentors with this cute and sexy little app. This is the Death Star of put downs, in the wrong hands this could be lethal, use sparingly to avoid psychological meltdown.

    Introducing You Skank, the insult generator and toilet simulator, so realistic you will be glad it doesn't come with working smell capabilities. It is that wicked, the shock will make them do a little bit of sick in their mouth, and so good, it will make you do a happy fart, and perhaps even a little bit of sex wee.

    Reviews :

    Rude and crude, and that's just me. You Skank app, never f**king heard of it. - Bill Hicks

    Teasing tarts! Super, smashing, great, you can't beat a bit of bully. - Jim Bowen's dad.

    Pope Beenan Dicked The Turd. - About as innocent as a nun in a cucumber field. We may not be able to still burn the harlots. But this is second best. Praise be.

    Mary Whitehouse. - Go git them dirty bitches with some bad ass jive talk, ya hear!

    Just right for a vulgar **** with a big fat mouth, just like me. If I was still alive, this app would be my new act. - Bernard Manning.

    I never even liked all those slappers anyway, I only chased the sluts because there was no TV or Internet in my day, but Id love this iPhone app If I hadn't of been dead for 211 years. - Casanova, famous strumpet chaser.

    Look, slag! I don't give a toss who you have in your bed, but don't you try and run your numbers on me! - Det. Insp. Jack Regan from the The Sweeney, famous hater of slags. Played by Actor John Thaw, who I'm sure would say You Skank is the best iPhone app, if he wasn't dead.

    Porno trash meets caviar comedy. It gave me a stiff one. - Fanny Craddock. Dead TV chef.

    Marquis de Sade. - I was a philanderer of loose women, if only I could of received brutal criticism for the gross venture in my life by this iPhone app, I wouldn't of ended up spending 13 years in Charenton asylum.

    What! are you still reading this? Hit purchase, and in my best Elvis voice, "Skank you... Skank you very much."

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