Z-Art for Chats




    Paint with your fingers, add objects to your drawing from among more than 400 objects included, and share your creations with your friends!!

    -You can choose color, thickness and type of the stroke (normal stroke, stroke in 3D or spray stroke) and stroke's transparency.
    -You can add funny objects and keep painting over them: scenarios, vehicles, weapons, drinks, clothes, hairstyles and accessories, furniture, animals... There are more than 400 items, including 4 galleries containing all the most popular MEMES!!
    - Add your own text or background images from photo gallery on your device.
    -You can also view all your creations from inside the application, and you can delete those who do not like or keep adding things over any of them.
    -If you mess up, use the "Eraser" or the "Undo the last stroke" button.
    - And when you have everything ready, share it with your friends from within Z-Art.

    Now you have no excuse to become a successful painter!!

    Please, if you like Z-Art, recommend it to your friends.

    Z-Art can be used also from within WhatsApp by LONG PRESSING WhatsApp's gallery icon.

    The only limit is your imagination!

    Changes on 2.3.3 version:
    - Added mirror button for objects.
    - New objects for "Animals and love" category.
    - New splash screen.
    - Eraser malfunction solved.
    - Bugs fixed.

    Changes on 2.3.0 version:
    - ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! New objects gallery to give to your own photos a terrifying look!!
    - 6 new languages: German, Hindi, Korean, Indonesian, Italian, Catalan.
    - Ability to recommend Z-Art for Chats to friends so they can download it too.

    Changes on 2.2.0 version:
    - Eraser included!!!!
    - New Preference section

    Changes on 2.1.3 version:
    - New option in the menu to change the language of the application.
    - Now you can take a picture with the camera and use it as background.

    Changes on 2.1.2 version:
    This is a mayor update!!
    - New menu system (double satellite menu)
    - New swipe gallery for objects.
    - New gallery for user personal drawings.
    - Now you can share your drawings directly from inside the app.
    - New help menu option.
    - Tons of new hair style objects!!

    WhatsApp, metioned for compatibility understanding, its name and its logo is property of its owners and has nothing to do with "Z-Art for Chats".

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