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    Zoo Booty Puff Puff™ is almost certainly the best animal farting app for Android devices!

    Do you or your children chuckle at the sound of a fart? Want to know what a zebra or monkey fart might sound like? Do you like to make fart noises in a quiet elevator? Do you like shaking your booty?

    Well, then, this is the app for you! While this app won’t win any Nobel Peace Prize awards, Zoo Booty Puff Puff will make you and your children giggle uncontrollably like, well, children.

    To use, simply swipe to your favorite zoo animal and tap or shake to hear the noise!

    Use the "Shake Your Booty!" feature: Select an image, put the phone in your back pocket, and shake your booty to make it sound like you farted. Classy!

    For you technical geeks, this program works on Android versions 1.6 through the latest. It has been tested on the following physical devices: Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy SIII running Android 4.0.4, Samsung Galaxy SII running Android 2.3.5, and Kindle Fire. It also makes fart sounds.

    For our international friends, this app has native language support for: Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, French, German, Italian, and Hindi.

    Visit for the latest information.

    We appreciate our users! Email any comments, questions, and suggestions to

    And, by the way, we hope you appreciate the app and images—do you know how odd it is to go to the zoo with the sole purpose of taking pictures of animal butts? We had quite a number of strange looks.

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