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    LockMyApps protects your Apps, such as Contacts, Gmail, Angry Birds, Labyrinth, Robo Defense, Money Manager, Stock, SMS, whatsapp , facebook, Google + , Google plus, business app, Friend Me, Facebook Messenger, and so on.


    *Delay Locking with 30 s, 1 min, 2 mins, 3 mins or 0 second
    *Widget support
    *Logging what locked apps were clicked.
    *Beep alarm as the locked apps are clicked
    *Auto run after reboot
    *Hide the status icon on the staus bar
    *Passsword protection as others intend to stop the service

    Three protection mechanisms as anyone clicks the locked apps:
    *Back to the home desktop directly
    *Show the holidays photos
    *Show the Fake Error Message

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    V5.1:Support App 2 SD, and fix the bug for autorun after reboot.
    V5.0:Add the Fake error message into the funny theme. It is interesting, please give it a try.
    V4.1:Add Logging feature, you can see what locked apps were clicked.Please check it in the Set details.
    V4.0:Fix for locking the contacts of Galaxy S.
    V3.5:Remove the gray/black box of the widget.
    V3.4:Add Happy New Year Theme in the Set details.
    V3.3:Change the widget's icon as a android default icon due to many requests about changing the app icon.
    V3.1:Fine tune for locking the contacts of Samsung Galaxy Tab, Moto Droid X
    V3.0:Add Black Friday Theme in the Set details.
    V3.0:Add the Funny Theme feature in the Set details.
    V2.7:redesign the icons in the main frame.
    V2.6:Add "Stop with quit the app" function, check Set details.
    V2.5:In the Select apps function, add two tabs: Suggested Apps and Other Apps.
    V2.4:Welcome new friends from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, LockMyApps adds some items with the Chinese language.
    V2.3:Add share comments/review function. Fine tune about set password and Show Locked Apps.
    V2.2:Fine tune about Set details. change the icon of password setting.
    V2.1:Add "Start with quit the app" function, check Set details.
    V2.0:Fine tune about "Show Locked Apps"
    V1.9:Add label name for "Show Locked Apps"
    (1) Fix the bug of redirecting to the main frame while stopping the service.
    Detail: when start the service and click the home key to quit, and then stop from the status icon successfully. The previous version will redirect to the main frame of LockMyApps again. This bugfix has solved this bug.
    (2) Add recommendation function including share by QR code, gmail, facebook and twitter.
    (1) Froyo (Android 2.2) support
    (2) Some changes about the password mechanism as you click the home key to leave LockMyApps.
    (3) Select any app of Dialer(Phone) or Contacts, and then the Contacts & Dialer(Phone) will not work simultaneously after starting the service.
    (4) FAQ is added into the menu item
    (5) Update "End User License Agreement (EULA)"
    V1.6:Replace the gray icons with colorful icons.
    V1.5:Show the icons of locked apps and add some descriptions about "auto run" on the EULA.
    V1.4:Widget support.
    V1.3:Fix the update link.
    V1.2:Auto run after reboot.
    V1.1:After leaving the selected locked apps frame, it can start service immediately.

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