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    A. Summary Features:

    1. Users can setup their own categories and items for their income.
    2. A 3-level drill down list allows users to browse all transaction data easily.
    3. The percentage of the transaction categories is plotted with a bar chart to assist users ananlyzing their financial status.
    4. All data can be exported/retrieved from the database thru email. An attached file of the email is a data delimited file and can be imported to any spreadsheet software.
    5. Data in the database can be deleted manually with a specified date range.

    Menu Instruction

    Step 1. Setup Parameters/Delete data

    1. Users input or configure categories and associated member items as needed.
    2. Users can select date ranges to remove unwanted data to reduce memory consumption whenever they need.

    Step 2. Enter an Income

    Users enter a transaction with selected date, category, andassociated item, and then enter a value. A remark field is also available for additional description as a memo.

    Step 3. View Income List (A drill-down style list.)

    1st level: users see the total values of categories that have transaction data. Click on the next (->) button on a desired category to the next level.

    2nd level:
    This is to view all transactions within the selected date ranges under the selected category in the Step 1. Click on the next (->) button on a desired category to the next level.

    3rd level:
    This level shows the detail income entries. Users can also make any modifications on this page.

    Step 4: View Income Chart

    Users need to select transaction type first - income or Income. A bar
    chart is used to list percentages of non-zero-value categories.

    Step 5: View Summary Report and eMail

    A report is generated based on the selected date range. Users can email the report to any one with an attached file including the summary of category percentages and all transactions.

    i.The default selected date range is one month.
    ii. Users can delete data after the data is emailed out to save memory space.
    iii. Up to 18 categories can be plotted on a chart.
    iv. Two categories are preset. You can add/modify/delete as you need. The default 2 income categories are Salaries and Investment.