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    We are personally committed to and recognized for delivering valued financial solutions.
    Our promise to our members; to help simplify their financial life, while working in their best interest, so that they may achieve long term financial success.

    How Bay Area Credit Union Began
    Bay Area Credit Union, formerly known as Sohio Toledo Refinery Credit Union, was chartered by the state of Ohio on November 24, 1934. A group of forward-thinking individuals, employees of the Sohio Toledo Refinery, pooled their assets and set this credit union in motion. It started with 11 members and $70 in assets.

    What is a Credit Union?
    Credit Unions are different from any other financial institution as they are founded on democratic, cooperative principles. Credit Unions are not-for-profit and are owned and operated by the members they serve. Members elect, and may be elected to, the credit union board of directors, with each member having one vote.

    Credit Union Uniqueness
    •One member, one vote
    •Owned and operated by members
    •Voluntary Board of Directors
    •Favorable rates and low-cost services
    •Dividends are paid to members - not stockholders