Bill Tip Split Calculator




    Bill tip and split calculator for determining gratuity and the equal bill split for a group of friends, coworkers or people. This app provides before tax and after tax tip calculations.

    To determine after tax tip:
    Simply enter the bill total. The tax field is optional and does not need to be entered in this scenario.

    To determine before tax tip:
    Enter the bill total and the tax amount from your receipt. Note, the tax amount is in currency($) units, not a rate as a percentage(%). The calculator simply subtracts the tax amount from the bill total to determine the subtotal. This is useful when traveling since you do not need to know or enter the tax rate.

    Use this calculator for the following situations to determine tip and bill splits:

    - Restaurants, coffee shops, grills, delis, buffets and diners for waiters and waitresses
    - Beauty salons for hair dressers, manicurist and nail technicians
    - Spas for masseurs
    - Home for food and meal delivery (e.g. pizza drivers)

    In addition, it can be used to determine commissions or bonuses.

    Inputs into the calculator include:

    - Bill or check total
    - Tax to be removed from the total
    - Tip or gratuity percentage
    - Number of people

    Output and analysis include:

    - Subtotal
    - Tip or gratuity amount
    - Total amount which includes the total tax and tip amount
    - Amount each person needs to pay to evenly divide the check

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