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    BlackBox Pulse was created by traders for traders. We are different from many firms on the street, not only do we offer leverage, low commissions, and several trading platforms but we offer our proprietary BlackBox. Traders can execute their own strategy, mix theirs with ours or trade our strategy exclusively. We give the traders the freedom they deserve.

    BlackBox Pulse has been trading equities since 1994 and became a fully
    functioning BlackBox during the past few years. Technology is where it’s at,
    humans can NOT react as fast as a computer; can NOT think as fast as a computer,
    so why not take advantage of today's computer power. Visit our Equities page here.

    Come visit us in our conference room. Watch the signals, see live comments from our
    head trader as he trades along with you. Receive our signals free while waiting
    to open your trading account, you will see how profitable you can be when taking
    advantage of today's computing power.

    Our equity business revolves around trading highly liquid, high beta names within the NYSE and NASDAQ. Our BlackBox monitors approximately 150 of these names throughout the trading day as well as watching what the overall market is doing.

    The BlackBox runs a proprietary algorithm which is ever evolving, it will change as the market changes and markets always change. Breaking these equities down to different time frames, tic counts, and many other factors while giving heavier weighting to the most current trading we are able to generate a high probability of profitable trades. When our BlackBox gives a signal it generates an exact entry prices, a target range as well as a stop-loss price.

    At BlackBox Pulse we distribute these signals to you, the traders. If a trader is utilizing our BlackBox they have several options:

    1) They can set it and forget it, meaning they can let the BlackBox do everything and all they have to do is monitor the P&L.

    2) They can override the BlackBox, meaning let the BlackBox enter the position and the trader can trade out of it. The BlackBox will send the profit target order as well as the stop-loss order but the trader has complete discretion. If the trader trades out of the position the BlackBox will know to cancel the remaining open orders. The trader has control over the stop-loss and profit targets as well, setting them at the beginning of the day.

    3) They can manually trade the BlackBox signals, while viewing them in real time many traders choose to enter the orders themselves. With this option it is impossible to catch every trade which the BlackBox would catch, it is humanly impossible.

    Our traders act as a team communicating via instant messaging, working together to increase their profitability. New traders gain experience, learning what it takes to become a great trader, dedication and discipline allows you to be chosen to trade firm money, becoming an institutional trader.

    Imagine how profitable you can be utilizing today's computing technology along with live commentary from a veteran Wall Street trader.

    You can even request a demo of our BlackBox, so enjoy and bring your trading to a whole new level.

    We trade equities that are listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ; they range from large to small cap stocks. Our traders are classified under finance, stock market, investment advisors, retirement funds, bonds, IRA, 401K, and investing professionals. We do not see ourselves as an E*TRADE, Ameritrade, Charles Schwab or Fidelity, we view ourselves as professional traders using high power technology. So take a look, bring your career, bring your financial account, and take your retirement account to a whole new level with the power of technology and computer trading.

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