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    BTCex is a complete third party application for BTCex was designed and developed from the ground-up by Karson Kimbrel. BTCex features an unparalleled mobile cryptocoin trading experience. Designed for both phones and tablets, BTCex is perfect for if you are sitting on the couch with your tablet or walking in the park with your phone. With full access to our 24 hour trading graphs, traders will be able to make more informed trading decisions. As adds and removes trading pairs, BTCex will automatically add and remove the pairs accordingly without the need to update the app. Traders can view their funds and their transactions.

    • FREE! (You can remove ads by a $4.50 in-app purchase)
    • No annoying pop-ups
    • Easy to understand user interface designed for phones and tablets
    • Trade on all current BTC-e exchanges
    • View exchange tickers and graphs on all current BTC-e exchanges
    • View the 20 current best ask and bid prices
    • View your trade and transaction history
    • When BTC-e adds a new trading pair, it will be included in the app the moment BTC-e adds it
    • Graphs based on the past 24 hours of trading
    • Fullscreen graphs
    • Russian and Bulgarian translation
    • Ability to cancel active orders

    Features Coming Soon
    • Volume and price graphs based on the past 7 days of trades
    • Volume and price graphs based on the past 30 days of trades
    • Trade depth graph
    • Protect your account with a PIN
    • Notifications for price changes
    • Additional numbers related to the movement of trading, such as: volatility, change, and range
    • Ticker widgets
    • Graph widgets

    Frequently Asked Questions
    • What is the fee when I trade currency? btc-e takes a certain amount of currency when you trade. That fee is taken by, not me. The fee for your transaction will be displayed before you place your order.
    • If adds a new trade pair, when will it be included in the app? Instantly!
    • Where can I find my API Key and API Secret? Log into, go to your profile, go to the API keys section and create a new API key from that screen.

    How to Login
    Note that in order to login to BTCex you must have a account.
    1.) Log into .
    2.) Press the Profile link.
    3.) Press the API keys link.
    4.) Create an API key of whatever name you want to give it.
    5.) Check the info permission.
    6.) Press the save button.
    7.) If you would like to trade check the trade permission.
    8.) Open BTCex.
    9.) Go to the ‘Account Details’ screen.
    10.) Press the ‘Edit Account’ button at the top.
    11.) Input your API key and secret you got from .
    12.) Press the login button.
    13.) If you successfully logged in you will get a message and the login button will be grayed out.

    • BTCex is a third party app for
    • While I do my best to keep your credentials safe, it is YOUR responsibility to keep your credentials a secret. NEVER tell anyone your API Key, your API Secret, or your password.
    For more details on your privacy and protection of your credentials, please read the privacy policy.

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