Bubble and Chubs' Pocket Money




    I often forget to give my daughters (nicknamed Bubble and Chubs) their pocket money every week, so I made them an app that would keep track of the amount that I owe them. With a couple of tweaks to customise the settings, I figured others may find this little simple app useful.

    - Set the amount of pocket money / allowance you give to your child
    - Choose the frequency you give them this amount from: daily, weekly or monthly (4 weeks)
    - Set a pattern lock so the little blighter can't change the settings
    - Adjust the amount you owe them. You can reduce the amount if they spend it; or increase it as a reward
    - Your child can watch the amount slowly go up, which may give them a better understanding of the value of money (yeah right..)

    This app is currently free and supports tracking pocket money for up to 1 child. Depending on popularity a pro version may be released, that for a small fee, will allow tracking of multiple children.

    Any feature requests welcome!

    Upcoming features:
    - Pro: Track multiple children
    - Pending adjustments - set a time to give (or take away) some money (birthdays, planned expenditures etc), your child will see the amount (which can be disguised as ???) slowly moving towards their current amount.

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