Budget Manager

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    Budget Manager is fully functional to manage account's cash flow, monthly budget and
    reports which give you clear understanding of your expenses and income.

    *********** Important ***************
    How to restore backup?
    Create a backup file in free version(More tab>>Settings>>Backup) and Restore it in paid version to get all your data(More tab>>Settings>>Restore).

    * Available in Español, Português, Français, Italiano, Russian, Magyar and Norwegian languages.
    * No internet connection required.
    * Add/Edit/Close/Delete account.
    * Transfer amounts between accounts.
    * Move account position in list to get quick access of preferred account.
    * Detailed monthly transaction of your account cash-in and cash-out and show balance.

    * Add expense/income one-time and recurring.
    * Edit/Delete transaction easily.
    * Detailed monthly transaction of your expenses and income.

    * Click lite yellow row to add monthly budget for specific category.
    * Edit/Delete budget easily.

    * Pie and Bar chart of your expenses and income.
    * last six month expense and income report.
    * Cash flow summary (Today's, Last 7 days, month and year).

    * Color-coded expense and income categories.
    * Add/Edit/Delete categories easily.
    * Manage your predefined notes.
    * Password setup to protect your data.
    * Customize date format.
    * Export your account transactions as a .CSV file.
    * Select your local currency (available 80+ currencies).
    * Backup and Restore database.
    * Clear your entire database and start over from scratch.