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    CalC++ is an all-in-one product to quickly and easily get solutions to problems like "Calculate monthly Mortgage payments" or "How much is the interest on an Auto Loan" or "How much should I tip?", etc.

    CalC++ uses sliders to modify values to quickly get a clear idea on how each variable affects the overall value. And with pre-built formulas you will see the changes in calculated value(s) dynamically.

    With CalC++, you can calculate:
    - Auto Lease payments, Auto Financing payments, Auto Balloon Finance (monthly and bi-weekly options)
    - Credit Card Interest, Number of payments to pay-off credit card
    - Mortgage payments (both monthly and bi-weekly), Years to pay-off your mortgage
    - Investment Calculator with both Savings growth estimator and Retirement planning
    - Body Mass Index
    - Restaurant Tip Calculator
    - And many more to come...

    Enjoy the introductory price before it goes up. A tablet version and a free version (with Ads) is in development, and will be available soon!